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Pieces celebrating the beauty of nature and centered around EarthDay
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A Glimpse of the Columbia Fine Art by artist Gayle Pedemonte - Description: Oil on Panel. I drove up to Maupin this summer to meet my family on a camping trip. I combined it with a visit to the Mary Hill Museum. I had to pull over on the way back to take a better look at those cliffs on the other side of the river. It was hazy and smokey, with a just little sun. The colors were muted but the shapes of the dark cliffs marching along were engaging.

Gayle Pedemonte

A Glimpse of the Columbia

Oil - 16 x 20

$600 + Free Shipping
A Splendid Day in the Gorge Fine Art by artist Joanne Thorpe - Description: The Vista House is seen so dramatically from the Woman's Forum which is one of the best stops to view the majestic Columbia River Gorge. My photo reference was taken at the most perfect time of day when the sun was setting and the light was so pleasantly moving in and out of the clouds.

Joanne Thorpe

A Splendid Day in the Gorge

Oil - 14 x 11

This piece is currently being displayed at the Bjornson Vineyard tasting room in the Eola-Amity Hills.

$400 + Free Shipping
As the Day Unfolds Fine Art by artist Gayle Pedemonte - Description: I took a photo while traveling in northern California where there a lot of golden hills, and dairy farms. I was attracted to all the patterns in the cows and clouds.

Gayle Pedemonte

As the Day Unfolds

Oil - 20 x 20

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$650 + Free Shipping
Autumn Light Fine Art by artist Joan Pechanec - Description: This piece was created as an alternative to the commissioned poster painting for the 2020 MacClassic Food and Wine Festival. Though the more representational piece "Autumn Gold" was ultimately selected for the poster, I especially love this painting with its collaged segmented tree trunks and slightly abstracted treatment. The original was Mixed Media: Collage, Oil, Cold Wax. Signed & matted.

Joan Pechanec

Autumn Light

Unframed Print - Collage, oil & cold wax - 10 x 8

$75 + Flat Rate Shipping $15
Ballpark Fine Art by artist Dan Homeres - Description: Joe Dancer Park (McMinnville, Oregon) ball fields during season finale baseball/softball picnic. Former McMinnville Parks & Rec director Jay Pearson cooking hot dogs off screen.

Dan Homeres


Watercolor / Ink - 11 x 15

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$500 + Free Shipping
Barrels on Slate Range Fine Art by artist Fred Hartson - Description: This digital art landscape is of barrel cactus among lava boulders on Slate Range near Death Valley, California. After a desert shower the needles on the crown of the cactus take on a bright pink color.

Can be ordered as an unframed print. Call or email us for sizes and pricing.

Fred Hartson

Barrels on Slate Range

Digital Art - 44 x 25

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$650 + Free Shipping
Black and White Butterfly on Green Leaves Fine Art by artist Jim Richards - Description: This is a painting of a black-and-white Paper Kite butterfly on small green leaves.

Jim Richards

Black and White Butterfly on Green Leaves

Oil on Gessoboard Panel - 4 x 4

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$75 + Flat Rate Shipping $10
Brant Goose Fine Art by artist Shari Erickson - Description: Brants are a species of saltwater habitats, migrating up the coastline to the Arctic tundra to breed and back down to shelter the winter in bays and estuaries, feeding on their favorite eel grass. I've painted this one in a regal pose at sunset.

Shari Erickson

Brant Goose

Acrylic - 7 x 10

$700 + Free Shipping
Cascadia Fine Art by artist Shari Erickson - Description: This acrylic painting is a place in my imagination, a result of my emotional attachment to spectacular Pacific Northwest rainy mossy forested streams. Varied thrushes symbolize this place in my heart. I've used a recurring theme of `V' shapes to construct my landscape, to give it a framework of sorts, and a certain flow for the eye to wander around in. There are many many similar, but real places like this one that was born in my daydreams.

Shari Erickson


Acrylic - 12 x 16

$2,100 + Free Shipping
Catch of the Day Fine Art by artist Richard T. Schanche - Description: After two visits to the McNeil River Grizzly Bear Sanctuary in Alaska, which has the largest number of grizzly bears that come to feed on salmon. Doing a lot of photography and sketching while I was there, I started doing a series of bear paintings.

Richard T. Schanche

Catch of the Day

Unframed Print - Oil (54/650) - 18 x 18

$60 + Flat Rate Shipping $15
Coyote Song Fine Art by artist Teal Buehler - Description: I lived in the desert for two years and was inspired by the natural beauty and wild animals. This coyote howls to the moon, music notes create a song and happiness. The collages are torn pieces of paper that are painted with acrylic paint. They are put together with gel medium and then sprayed or brushed with UV varnish.

Teal Buehler

Coyote Song

Mixed Media - 7 x 5

$140 + Flat Rate Shipping $20
Crystal Cantata Fine Art by artist Shari Erickson - Description: Scenes like this are a common sight in the Pacific Northwest. For this acrylic painting, I wanted to focus in on the dappled sunlight and all the many textures, and the way the water has carved a little hollow out of the bank, making a kind of natural amphitheater that intensifies the trickling sound of the water and the music of birds signing.

Shari Erickson

Crystal Cantata

Acrylic - 18 x 24

$3,400 + Free Shipping