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All artwork that features man's best friend.
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Bolt the Pup Fine Art by artist Dan Rider - Description: These imaginative and original designs by the artist are created to evoke whimsey or smiles. They are definitely a labor of love by the artist and it shows. Each work is hand sculpted in clay first, then transformed into cast concrete and finally finished with the staining process. All pieces are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, help them find a special place in your home or garden.

Dan Rider

Bolt the Pup

Cast Concrete - 19 x 8 x 9.5

$129 + Special shipping required; contact us for estimate
Chasing the Dream Fine Art by artist Richard T. Schanche - Description: A sled dog that momentarily left his dog team to chase a dream.

Richard T. Schanche

Chasing the Dream

Unframed Print - Oil (33/500) - 22 x 14.25

$60 + Flat Rate Shipping $15
Golden Fine Art by artist Linda Swindle - Description: Over the years, we have had several Golden's on our ranch. I tried to capture "Paws" in a playful, splattered technique.

Linda Swindle


Watercolor on canvas - 20 x 16

$395 + Free Shipping
I'm Going, Too Fine Art by artist Eve DellaValle - Description: This inspiration for this came from my brother who has a small white dog, who actually would climb into their suitcase whenever they were trying to pack. Dogs are fun because you can do different things with their ears, they can be drooped, or pointed ... and I really like the runner on the table here!

Eve DellaValle

I'm Going, Too

Pastel - 24 x 18

$400 + Free Shipping
Out of the Storm Fine Art by artist Richard T. Schanche - Description: I did a series of Iditarod and dog-mushing themes because they are both huge in Alaska. This one I wanted to capture the harsh conditions in Alaska, and also how the dogs remain determined and vigilant in their quest.

Richard T. Schanche

Out of the Storm

Unframed Print - Oil (2/500) - 20 x 16

$60 + Flat Rate Shipping $15
Party Animals Fine Art by artist Eve DellaValle - Description: This watercolor painting was just for fun, a couple of furry friends creating chaos. I like to draw both cats and dogs, preferably causing trouble.

Eve DellaValle

Party Animals

Watercolor - 10 x 14

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$200 + Free Shipping
Rough Trail Fine Art by artist Richard T. Schanche - Description: The Iditarod captures many moments of dog-mushing, often there are rough spots on the trail that the mushers either avoid, or learn to accommodate.

Richard T. Schanche

Rough Trail

Unframed Print - Oil (7/500) - 20 x 15

$60 + Flat Rate Shipping $15