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Northwest Showcase

A collection of works from various northwest artists as part of a private estate sale.
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Deer Antler Family (artist Karen Olanna) Fine Art by artist Northwest Showcase - Description: Karen Olanna is a local Nome artist known for her sculptures and her relief prints. Influenced from a myriad of sources, Olanna draws from Greek myth, Alaskan shamanistic transformations and ancient goddess imagery as well as a variety of animals and human characteristics.

Northwest Showcase

Deer Antler Family (artist Karen Olanna)

Deer antler carving - 21 x 12

$450 + Free Shipping
Juneau Cannery (artist Rie Munoz) Fine Art by artist Northwest Showcase - Description: "My artwork can best be described as expressionism. The term applies to work that rejects camera snapshot realism, and instead, expresses emotion by distortion and strong colors. My paintings reflect an interest in the day-to-day activities of Alaskans such as fishing, berry picking, children at play, crabbing, and whaling. I am also fascinated with the legends of Alaska's Native people. While I find much to paint around Juneau, most of my material comes from sketching trips taken to the far corners of Alaska." --Rie Munoz, 1921-2015

Northwest Showcase

Juneau Cannery (artist Rie Munoz)

Lithoprint (Artist Proof 12/50, Signed) - 23 x 22

$600 + Flat Rate Shipping $50
Totem (artist Patri O'Connor) Fine Art by artist Northwest Showcase - Description: Patri O'Connor is an award-winning artist who lived in the Seattle, Washington area before moving to Chile. Her work reflects the Greater Seattle area and Chile.

Northwest Showcase

Totem (artist Patri O'Connor)

Acrylic - 16 x 20

$700 + Flat Rate Shipping $50