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Michael Pedemonte

Michael Pedemonte has been an avid self-taught wood worker for most of his life. He has recently become enamored with using the lathe turning a variety of interesting local woods. Big leaf maple, madrone, ash, smoke bush, etc. – anything that he can mount on the lathe. Each turning is unique, the wood dictates that final outcome. Each piece has its own voice. The thrill is seeing what is ins...ide.

Working in his shop in Gaston, Oregon, Michael explores the possibilities of the different kinds of wood. He enjoys the hunt for unusual materials from both urban and rural sources, winter blow-downs to finds from his local logger friends. He has become a bit of a hoarder with an ever increasing inventory of projects.

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Walnut Bowl with Undercut Edge Fine Art by artist Michael Pedemonte - Description: 11 inch nicely figured walnut bowl with a undercut edge. Food grade finish of Odies Oil and wax. The wood was sources from a church in Forest Grove doing some expansion. I have had this in my stock for a number of years.

Michael Pedemonte

Walnut Bowl with Undercut Edge

Wood Turning - 11" Dia

$145 + Flat Rate Shipping $10
Walnut Decorative Bowl Fine Art by artist Michael Pedemonte - Description: This wood for this came from my neighbor who had several walnut trees that reached old age and had been removed for new plantings. I harvested as much as I could of the usable lumber and figured wood. I have made several pieces of furniture and turned a couple of items using this wood. I have more in my inventory and am looking forward to see what I can discover in it. I love turning figured walnut, it never ceases to surprise and amaze me. I enjoy the feel and changing patterns it brings to life.

Michael Pedemonte

Walnut Decorative Bowl

Wood Turning - 2.5" x 6"

$90 + Flat Rate Shipping $10
Walnut Platter Fine Art by artist Michael Pedemonte - Description: Oregon Black Walnut platter with great figure.

Michael Pedemonte

Walnut Platter

Wood Turning - 1.5" x 13" Dia

$175 + Free Shipping
Walnut Vessel Fine Art by artist Michael Pedemonte - Description: Green turned Black Walnut bi-color vessel.

Michael Pedemonte

Walnut Vessel

Wood Turning - 4" x 5" Dia

$90 + Flat Rate Shipping $10