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Linda Flicker

All of Linda Flicker's work is created using the Harold Ross photographic method of light painting. Harold perfected this method over 30 years ago and is considered by his peers to be one of the best medium format photographers in the world. Linda has been a student of Harold's since 2016 and continue to learn and be inspired by this method.

Using a flashlight, a long exposure, and a compl...etely darkened studio, the photographer "paints" light onto a single aspect in the scene, one aspect at a time, until the entire composition is captured. As many as 20-30 images might be taken to create any given final image. All the light, colors, shading and shadows are done in camera, with minimal help from software applications. Linda loves that the software is mainly used for the logistics of creating a digital image and leaves the creativity and artistic outcome in the hands of the artist.

Linda signs her work "Linda Louise" after her mom Janet Louise, whom she's watched create beautiful art her whole life. Growing up watching her mom oil paint was like watching something magical happen. Linda, however, could barely draw a straight line, nevermind getting something like the shadow of a tree right. That never stopped her from seeing images of beautiful "paintings" in her mind and wondering how she could ever get those ideas to be a reality. Linda feels now that she can actually express her artistic visions and ideas in such a way she never dreamed possible.

Linda and her husband, Keith, are both Oregonians and have lived in Keizer since 2003 when Keith retired. Linda is hoping to retire herself in the next couple of years. She has worked as a business/systems analyst for the Oregon Health Authority for the past 23 years. Linda enjoys traveling the world, spending time with the grandkids, baking, and, of course, light painting. Linda is a member of the Keizer Art Association and Salem's Artists In Action.

"It's such a satisfying experience to be able to emphasize and show shapes, textures and colors in such a way that may not have otherwise been revealed or even noticed with another photographic technique. I just love the mood that light painting evokes and I especially love the 'painterly' effect that can emerge. I am very much drawn to still life as well as creating my own scenes and making my own reality." Tags: Photography.

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A Cabin in the Woods Fine Art by artist Linda Flicker - Description: She longed for a place to call her own, somewhere she could be herself. The ad read, `For Sale, Cabin in the Woods'. Could this really be where she belongs? It seems so remote, so by yourself. How perfect, she'll take it!

Linda Flicker

A Cabin in the Woods

Light Photography - 12 x 18

$550 + Free Shipping
Isabel Fine Art by artist Linda Flicker - Description: The vintner named this wine after his grandmother, Isabel. He once described it as the perfect pairing with a good book out on the porch. I'm sure she would agree.
Isabel by Linda Flicker

Linda Flicker


Light Photography - 14.75 x 15.75

Out in the Garage Fine Art by artist Linda Flicker - Description: Night after night he came home from work, changed into his favorite coveralls and headed out to the garage. No one really knew what he did under the hood of that old hot rod. They just knew it made him happy, so no one bothered him till dinner time.

Linda Flicker

Out in the Garage

Light Photography - 11 x 14

$350 + Free Shipping
Sunflowers Fine Art by artist Linda Flicker - Description: Sunflowers are such an iconic part of summer. I love the rich yellows and oranges that just seem to say at once "It's summer, but fall is on its way!"

Linda Flicker


Light Photography - 12.5 x 16.75

$500 + Free Shipping
Tomatoes & Trowel Fine Art by artist Linda Flicker - Description: Ripe tomatoes fresh from the garden won't last long. Capturing them at their peak will help remind me to plant again next year.

Linda Flicker

Tomatoes & Trowel

Light Photography - 10.5 x 17

$500 + Free Shipping