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Jim Richards

Jim Richards lives in Salem, Oregon, enjoying the beautiful land of the Pacific Northwest and the moody shoreline of Oregon. He focuses in figurative realism and works in the oil painting medium. He has been painting for nearly 40 years and enjoys giving back to the art community by mentoring students interested in art and supporting the arts in general. He currently has the privilege of serving a...s President of Artists in Action, a local artist's group supporting the arts in the greater Willamette area, near Salem. He is also a proud member of the Oil Painters of America. Tags: Animals, Birds, Flowers, Native American, People, Realism.

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Unexpected Flight Fine Art by artist Jim Richards - Description: This is a painting of Rod Hickerson enjoying a glass of Bjornson wine with a Long-tailed Mocking Bird. This was inspired by a visit to Bjornson Winery, where we met up with Rod to enjoy watching another artist, Linda Jerome from The Gallery at Ten Oaks, demonstrating her art.

Jim Richards

Unexpected Flight

Oil - 12 x 9

$400 + Free Shipping
Wild Mustang Team Work Fine Art by artist Jim Richards - Description: This is a painting of a team of individuals working as a team to capture and ride a wild mustang in the shortest amount of time. It is of a Wild Mustang riding event at the Warm Springs (Oregon) Pow Wow/Rodeo in 2018.

Jim Richards

Wild Mustang Team Work

Oil - 8 x 16

This piece is available Online Only and is not on display at the gallery.

$480 + Free Shipping