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James Violette

Originally from Maine, James Violette started designing and woodworking in his late teens. He currently lives on a remote property in McMinnville, OR, surrounded by nature and plenty of inspiration. And James is inspired by all of it.

James usually takes a modernist approach. Aesthetically leaning towards brutal-ism, mid-century modern, art deco, and minimalist design. Shapes and angles in ...architecture, the concept of dimension, and the combination of different elements and materials such as various woods, metals, and fabrics, soon follow. James wants to create ambiance through a piece that's balanced and sculptural, and casts dramatic shadows, as well as light.

"I can't really pretend to have some deep, philosophical reason I feel the need to create lighting. It's quite simple - I just do. It's close to an obsession. I take in the infinite details from everything I see in my everyday life. It can be something as small as a detail from a piece of jewelry that gets blown out of proportion and manifests into a full-on giant floor lamp, to a piece of rusty metal I find in the dirt. Or a hike past a pond, and several days later, I'll have a cattail lamp."

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Tall Black Poplar with Table Fine Art by artist James Violette - Description: Custom floor lamp made from black poplar. 84" tall, 20" at it's widest, the shade is 20 dia. The shade material is vintage. I got just a small sample back in the mid 90's from a thrift store in Tampa,Fl. The table top is fairly light duty.
Tall Black Poplar with Table by James Violette
TimberBox Fine Art by artist James Violette - Description: Salvaged weathered fir, copper, fabric, covered acrylic. G-9 LED bulbs (only).

James Violette


Lighting - 19 x 15 x 17

$550 + Special shipping required; contact us for estimate