Tooth Fairy Bowl #3

Artist: Steve and Calisse Browne, Metal Memories

Media: Copper - flame painted
Image Size: 3 x 2
Framed Size: 1"h x 3"w x 2"d
Weight: 0 lbs
Frame Info: n/a
$20 + Flat Rate Shipping $10

Description: Tooth Fairy Bowls are each unique wioth random designs and coloring. The bowls are hand cut, filed and hammered into a bowl with a clear acrylic finish that is used on auto mobiles.

Flame painted copper is both an art and a science. The art is the artist negotiation with the copper to create the design the artist has in their mind. The science is understanding the oxidation process and developing a methodology that allows the artist to consistently control the color and technique for "painting" the copper with a torch. Up to 14 colors can be achieved using only a propane/oxygen torch (no chemicals or paint).

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