Caverna Vermilla

Artist: Ron Mills_Pinyas

Media: Acrylic
Image Size: 41 x 56
Framed Size: 41"h x 56"w x 1.5"d
Weight: 8 lbs
Frame Info: Wrapped canvas
$4,200 + Special shipping required; contact us for estimate

Description: A certain red is also a fossil drawn up from the depths of imaginary worlds. If we took all these participations into account, we would recognize that a naked color, and in general a visible, is not a chunk of absolutely hard, indivisible being, offered all naked to a vision which could be only total or null, but is rather a sort of straits between exterior horizons and interior horizons ever gaping open, something that comes to touch lightly and makes diverse regions of the colored or visible world resound at the distances, a certain differentiation, an ephemeral modulation of this world-less a color or a thing, therefore, than a difference between things and colors, a momentary crystallization of colored being or of visibility. Between the alleged colors and visibles, we would find anew the tissue that lines them, sustains them, nourishes them, and which for its part is not a thing, but a possibility, a latency, and a flesh of things.

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