Family of Four Enjoying the View

Artist: Shari Erickson

Media: Acrylic
Image Size: 4 x 4
Framed Size: 7.25"h x 7.25"w x 0.5"d
Weight: 0.37 lbs
Frame Info: Decorative
$250 + Free Shipping

Description: This little painting depicts Mt Hood from Hood River Meadows in Oregon. What an interesting day of painting we had! Most of my painting companions decided to set up their easels on the roadside while two of us ventured into the scrubby sub-alpine woodlands bordering the meadow and parked ourselves amongst the huckleberry, which is everywhere.

Twice I let out a yelp which echoed across the meadow. The first when I upended my paint box right into the shrubbery and again when a sleek little chipmunk suddenly plopped into my lap! It can be startling to have critters seemingly drop out of nowhere onto one's person, I can tell you that! Later that afternoon my painting companion ditched me and left me out in the woods to join the others out on the road to do her second painting of the day. So there I sat, trying to capture this vast scene, enjoying the beauty all around and thinking how perfect a day, including an impromptu a cappella concert by my painter friends on the road. I am glad that my friend joined the others because I'm pretty sure she got the singing started and her voice is a real treat to hear. My favorite was "Edelweiss".

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