25 Collections

Collection Description
Abstract All abstract pieces.
Animals Artwork featuring other animals (besides dogs, horses and birds).
Birds Endless variety of artwork depicting our fine feathered friends.
Blue Collection Pieces curated to fit your blue palette.
Books & Greeting Cards All printed books and greeting cards from our artists, as well as Gift Certificates.
Cars & Trucks All artwork featuring vehicles of every variety.
Ceramics All ceramic pieces including cold-finished, Raku and pit-fired pottery (except for the Crow-kin, they have their own Collection!)
Crow-Kin All of those beloved Crow-Kin still looking for adoption. Every Crow-Kin is a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation.
Dogs All artwork that features man's best friend.
Fiber All fiber/fabric pieces, including scarves and toppers.
Flowers All pieces featuring flowers, plants, gardens.
Glass All glassware and stained glass pieces.
Green Collection Pieces curated to fit your green palette.
Jewelry All jewelry pieces.
Landscapes Paintings and photography depicting landscapes, apart from the "Vineyards" collection.
Metal All pieces featuring custom metal work, or art on metal surfaces.
Mixed Media / Assemblage Pieces combining non-traditional art elements, or three-dimensional assemblage pieces.
Northwest Showcase A collection of works representing Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, including various pieces as part of a private estate sale.
People Artwork with people, figures, faces or hands.
Photography All photographic works, including black and white prints, framed and unframed paper prints, digitally-enhanced photography, and prints on metal. Most photography can be custom ordered in a variety of sizes - please inquire to let us provide you the perfect prints!
Still Life All pieces depicting still life studies.
Under $50 All items priced under $50, from small originals to unframed prints, ceramics, books, cards and gift certificates!
Vineyards & Wine All artwork focused on vineyards, grapes, wine and beautiful Oregon wine country.
Waterscapes All pieces featuring seascapes, lakes, rivers, boats and fish.
Woodwork All pieces featuring custom woodwork.