You've Never Been In an Art Gallery, But You Can't Stand That Blank Wall Any Longer

By Nancy Morrow | Tue Sep 1, 2020 in Art Inspiration


What do you do? Your friends talk about how they bought that original watercolor last summer at a Portland gallery and how simple it was. Just do it, they say. But everything you know about art galleries is from the film "The Thomas Crown Affair".

Gallery Entrance Did you know that Yamhill County has 17 fine art galleries? And none of them are like the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the movie! One of those galleries is The Gallery at Ten Oaks, located on Hwy 99W in McMinnville across from Linfield's oak grove. One of the charms about this gallery is it's set in a 1908 Craftsman house so it's like walking into a home the minute you walk in the front door.

You've made the decision to visit and now you are in the foyer of the gallery. What now? First, you will be warmly welcomed by one of the gallery owners, Dan or Nancy Morrow, as if they were welcoming you into their home. After introductions and a brief overview of the gallery, off you go to browse feeling your confidence grow minute by minute. You already see art that catches your eye in the Featured Artists shows on display on the main floor. And you were told there was more upstairs? This might not be so scary after all.

As you browse the main floor, you notice wine by the glass is available to purchase - why not! It will help ease those remaining nerves. Dan and Nancy get you all set up with a glass and off you go, heading upstairs to explore!

Along the stairwell is more art to enjoy, and then you reach the top of the stairs. You now understand why Dan said you have to go upstairs. You find yourself in place of calm, soft music playing, and so many beautiful pieces to look at.

Room to room you browse, lost in the beauty of 40 artists' work. You see the display tags telling you if a piece is oil or acrylic or watercolor, but right now all you care about is if you like the piece or not. That's what's important.

Gallery Upstairs After a while, Nancy checks in with you to see if you have any questions. What do you ask? What SHOULD you ask? No right or wrong decisions here. It's fine to say you are still looking and no questions so far.

Moving into the Blue Room, you see "the" piece. Your breath catches, you feel an emotion you never knew you would feel looking at a piece of art. You realize 10 minutes have gone by and you are still staring at "the" piece. Now what? Check the display tag for the dimensions and the price to see if it will work for your space and budget.

You head back downstairs to talk to Dan about "the" piece. You tell him it's the perfect piece for the space, but you aren't sure about the price. Are there any options? Dan asks what price would work for your budget, and you find yourself problem solving ways to get "the" piece to you. As it turns out, the gallery has a payment plan which works the best so you put your first of 3 payments down, and you are on your way to owning your first original painting!

The next time you talk to your friends, you proudly tell them "You're right about how easy it is to visit an art gallery, and I didn't have to go to Portland. I found one right here in McMinnville and can't wait to go again."

Welcome to Ten Oaks Gallery. All are welcome, no experience required.