Artist: Steve and Calisse Browne, Metal Memories

Media: Copper - flame painted
Image Size: 10 x 12
Framed Size: 6"h x 10"w x "d
Weight: 0 lbs
Frame Info: n/a
$300 + Free Shipping

Description: This piece was created with color in mind and to follow where the copper wanted to go versus the artist forcing the copper to cooperate with the artist's design intent. The end result is a dynamic piece of art with "attitude "attitude".

Flame painted copper is both an art and a science. The art is the artist negotiation with the copper to create the design the artist has in their mind. The science is understanding the oxidation process and developing a methodology that allows the artist to consistently control the color and technique for "painting" the copper with a torch. Up to 14 colors can be achieved using only a propane/oxygen torch (no chemicals or paint).

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