Whitney Jayne

Hi there! Oregon Artist, Whitney Jayne here. Thanks for your interest! I'd love to take a second to answer a few common questions I get, and share with you what drives me as an artist, and my passion for using art to foster connection and bring about positive change.

What do I paint?
My Subject matter and motivation - The heart of each project, and truthfully my drive as an artist, is fueled by one simple word . . . CONNECTION . . . because connection is the precursor to caring, and caring is the precursor to action. I have come to believe that connection is the entire point of existing, and the one thing that can heal our broken world. I believe we must fight against hate, fear and discrimination, by fighting for love, inclusion, and connection. With so much dividing us, this can seem daunting, but I believe there is always a way, and that small things can make a big difference. That's why I've chosen to use my art to help foster connections to each other, animals, and the environment. How do I this? Sometimes it's an intentional message in the painting, sometimes it's an art piece made specifically to raise awareness and proceeds for a certain cause, and sometimes it's using the art as a tool, in an engaging way... like in my treasures 4 travelers project: An ongoing art scavenger hunt and app that connects locals and visitors to new experiences, new places, new people and perspectives. Players are rewarded for visiting various Oregon destinations and completing fun, challenge games that spark connection, awareness, and your silly side! More info at treasures4travelers.com

What do I use?
Mixed media: Most often, I will layer acrylic, pastel, and oil stick over an under-layer of digital paint that I create on a digital tablet and mount to a wooden canvas. I stumbled in to my method in college during my thesis project when I began getting nauseous and shaky every time I tried to oil paint. I worried my painting future was over, and I frantically looked for a way to keep my passion alive. Long story short, I found my little tablet, and it opened up a world of digital possibilities. While I still generally avoid liquid oils, the reactions have stopped, and some doctors have said they were likely a physical response triggered by the stress of taking care of my dying mother at the time, and a few other life challenges that seemed to all strike at once.

Through those tough times, I experienced significant growth as a person and artist, which I have come to appreciate very much as a silver lining. It is my hope that my art can be used to illuminate more silver linings in this challenging world, and inspire introspection on how we can all use our own gifts to bring our world closer together.

Many thanks for your interest. You are always welcome to connect with me through Ten Oaks Gallery, or my website (whitneyjayne.com)

Whitney Jayne donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to causes that support people, animals, and the environment, and the buyer gets to choose where they would like those proceeds to go: animal/wildlife protection || environmental protection || minority/humanitarian support

7 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Carlton Grain Station Mixed Media: Acrylic, Wax 12 x 12 $595
Midnight Ride Mixed Media: Acrylic, Digital Paint, Wax 11 x 14 $595
Please Remember Me Mixed Media: Acrylic, Wax 12 x 12 $595
Rescued Mixed Media: Oil, Digital Paint, Wax 8 x 8 $395
Shirley Temple Mixed Media: Acrylic, Digital Paint, Wax 8 x 8 $395
Show Me the Way Mixed Media: Acrylic, Digital Paint, Wax 10 x 10 $495
View from Anne Amie Mixed Media: Acrylic, Digital Paint, Wax 12 x 16 $650