Rick Schanche

Richard Tore Schanche was born and raised in Minneapolis. Art was always a key facet of Rick’s life facilitating a fine arts scholarship for him to study art at the University of Oregon. Upon graduation, he worked as an art consultant while continuing to study at the University of Minnesota. In 1985, Rick moved to Anchorage, Alaska; forever influencing his artistic subject matter.

Over the next 30 years Rick’s work has been shown in Anchorage at various galleries. For 15 years, he was commissioned by GCI, a communications company, to design their annual free calendars and Christmas cards with his art images. Rick has had numerous gallery shows around Alaska; Gig Harbor and Chelan Washington; Eugene, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After two trips to the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and a trip to Hallo Bay with the BBC, Rick particularly enjoyed painting bears, Alaskan wildlife and landscapes. He has also done series of paintings of Native Americans, his children, the homeless and Shamans.

Rick recently moved from Anchorage and now lives and paints in McMinnville, Oregon.

"I start my work with a detailed realistic drawing (which I struggle with, drawing to me is the hardest park). I want the initial image precise for a firm starting point, so the sketch becomes an exercise in detail and concentration. Then I let go and let the paint flow. This is the fun part, the time of joy and meditation. Finishing the painting can also be a difficult time for me. I have to tighten up the brush strokes and put everything back in order. I feel that painting is like life. The beginning and end is the hardest part. The parts in between are fun and exciting."

10 Pieces

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Along Hallo Bay Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 $950
Beach Driftwood Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 $950
Bruin Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 $950
Fresh Harvest Oil on Canvas 25.5 x 38 $1,660
Majestic Giclee Print on Canvas 20 x 25 $350
New Moon Tide Oil on Canvas 21.5 x 26 SOLD
Oregon Spring Oil on Canvas 22 x 22 $930
Sunrise / New Day Oil on Canvas 24 x 36 $1,500
West Coast Giclee Print on Canvas 19 x 24 $350
Wine Country Giclee Print on Canvas 30 x 20 $350