Nadya_Vestella King

Nadya grew up in a home filled with stories, color, music, love and laughter. From early on, she spent hours drawing the ponies next door, painting backdrops and stage sets, sketching friends and the critters. She has identified as an artist throughout her life, and in November of 2015, graduated from Shiloh Sophia's Color of Woman School, as an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach.

In the Contemporary Symbolism tradition, Nadya's paintings contain designs and symbols that have personal meaning - you may be drawn to them, but from your own perspective!

6 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Rainbow Woman Acylic on Canvas 24 x 18 $567
SeKhmet (Sun Lady) Acylic on Canvas 24 x 36 $1,127
Shadow of La Luna Acylic on Canvas 10 x 10 $107
She Changes Acrylic on birch wood panel 24 x 24 $450
She Sees by Starlight Acylic on Canvas 24 x 18 $597
Snow Queen Acrylic and Silver Leaf on Wood 20" Diameter $420