Linda Jerome

Linda is currently a member of Hillsboro Visual Art Assoc., and along with 12 other artists, has a studio at Sequoia Gallery + Studios. The gallery is non-profit, and is run by the 30 member artists; 13 of whom have studios, and 17 who are gallery members only.

Linda has been a potter and calligrapher as well as a painter. Her formal training includes a BA in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking from PSU. She learned to love painting there, and found it doesn’t compare to anything else in her life. It is her own, and it comes from deep within. When she's painting, she's working on problems of expression and of communication. She is also constantly aware of light and its effects. Light and dark are primary components in atmosphere, or mood. She also finds herself thinking more and more in geometric terms, working on forms and shapes as she's painting. The consideration of light and dark translates to geometry, depending which direction the light is coming from. The composition is working itself out, asking her questions, which take time to answer. Evaluating several times during the process of a painting – asking herself what is strong, what is working or not, what needs her attention next -- she often scrubs out areas or just paints over areas if they aren’t working well. She also works on 2 or 3 paintings at once, because they may need time to dry, and there are different things going on in each painting that influence the others.

8 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
A Fleeting Season Oil on panel 20 x 16 SOLD
Blue Ribbon Steps Oil on panel 18 x 24 $750
Echinacea and Coreopsis Oil on panel 12 x 16 $450
Foxy and Willow Oil on panel 16 x 19 $750
Harvest Season Oil on panel 14 x 11 $450
Oregon Brandy Oil on panel 12 x 16 $450
Persimmon Study Oil on panel 16 x 12 $450
Respite Oil on panel 12 x 16 $450
Sentry of the Wine Oil on panel 12 x 16 $600
Spring Bouquet Oil on panel 16 x 12 SOLD
Wine and Rosehips Oil on panel 12 x 16 SOLD