Hope Raszka

Born in Tuscon, Arizona, Hope Raszka spent most of her childhood raised in Salem, Oregon. Drawn towards creative outlets since childhood, Hope experimented with a range of artistic mediums in her youth. Eager but wary of the ideal to pursue a career as a professional artist, Hope entered Oregon State University to study Interior Design, continuing to explore artistic outlets in her spare time. Upon receiving her Bachelor's degree in 2017, she was fortunate enough to be hired after her internship as an Architectural Drafter, followed later with an offer to work for an interior design company in Albany.

It was after this time of professionally entering into interior design that Hope decided to take the plunge and push harder toward fulfilling her creative passions. Having already discovered a love for working with hand-cut paper during her time in college, Hope returned to take up this unique medium on a professional basis. Today, Hope enjoys constructing unique hand-cut patterns and topographic mountainscapes.

6 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Jack Paper 9 x 9 SOLD
Lily Paper 14 x 11 $155
Madison Paper 10 x 8 $95
Mary Paper 20 x 20 $225
Michelle Paper 20 x 20 $390
Mt. Hood, OR Paper - 47 Layers 9 x 9 $230
Wiamea Paper 9 x 9 $105