Gordon McCann

Gordon’s hope is that something he has rendered has stirred you in some way. He is mostly a self-taught artist working in graphite, carbon pencil and pastel pencil. Gordon’s love for expression in black and white began many years ago, while studying studio photography working with large format film cameras, though he put aside most attempts at artistic expression for most of thirty years. In 2013 after 20 plus years in pastoral ministry, Gordon found himself with a great deal of time on his hands. He picked up his pencils, and began to draw, and draw, and draw. A few others took notice of what Gordon was doing and encouraged him to continue. He took a short drawing class from a local artist and really began to like what was developing on paper.

Gordon drew a few portraits of grandchildren, a granddog, an old pickup, and so on. A few people asked if he could do drawings for them, and so it goes! Gordon was asked to do a dog portrait, but just didn't like how it looked in graphite, so he picked up some pastel pencils and gave it another try. He found he really liked the medium. So did the client. Gordon finds the process of creating both therapeutic, and at times frustrating. And yet, each day when he awakes, his first thoughts are often, "what shall I draw today?"

12 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
'58 Harley Pastel 11 x 15 $350
Ball Jar Unframed Print 10.25 x 7.25 SOLD
Carmichael Indispensable Pastel 10 x 14.5 $250
Citrus Pastel 18 x 22 $600
Contemplative Cat Pastel 8.5 x 13.5 SOLD
Contemplative Cat Unframed Print 9 x 14 SOLD
Eagle Graphite 14.75 x 22 SOLD
Eagle Unframed Print 13.5 x 20 SOLD
Empties Graphite 15 x 10 $300
Frosted Rose Pastel 17 x 17 $375
Gone Fishin' Pastel 14 x 11 $325
Kathi's Peony Pastel 15 x 20 $650
Let Me In Pastel 10.5 x 15 SOLD
Moonstruck Pastel 11 x 11 $400
Moonstruck Unframed Print 12 x 12.5 SOLD
Mooring Line Pastel 10.25 x 14.75 SOLD
Puppy Love Unframed Print 11 x 14 SOLD
Rainy Night Pastel 11 x 15 SOLD
Rainy Night Unframed Print 11 x 15 SOLD
Rainy Night Unframed Print 11 x 15 SOLD
Retired Pastel 7.75 x 13.5 $250
Ship's Bell Graphite 13.5 x 10.25 SOLD
Tres Amigos Graphite 4 x 6 $80
Trout Pastel 10 x 13.5 $325
Tulip Graphite 14.25 x 19 $650
Yellow Lab Unframed Print 11 x 9 SOLD