Glena Greiner

Glena was raised in Idaho where she learned to appreciate nature, animals, trees, flowers and mountains. However, she tired of the snow and moved to sunny Arizona by the London Bridge where she learned to appreciate the desert, too.

Glena has always had an artistic streak. In the beginning, it was oil painting where she won many awards for her artistic endeavors. While in Havasu she painted a line of clothes for a clothing manufacture and a line of hand-painted bedspreads for a linen company. Then beads came into her life and made her life very interesting.

Glena loves the feel of running her fingers through the beads and the beautiful color combinations that you can get with them. She has learned from some of the best beaders in the business and has enjoyed the journey. Her work uses many different materials from nature like wood, bones, claws, stones, porcelain, metals and many different kinds of glass beads. She also makes heirloom pieces for people using memorable pieces that are special to someone and creating a unique piece of jewelry made especially for the owner.

Glena feels like while creating a piece that she always has angels over her shoulders directing her thoughts and fingers. She has won several contests with her beadwork.

63 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Bracelet - Christmas red-beaded wreath Jewelry $32
Bracelet - Christmas tree Jewelry $58
Bracelet - German Cabachon flower with Swarovski crystals on an antique bronze base Jewelry $47
Bracelet - glass stone, antique brass base Jewelry $33
Bracelet - multi-colored Swarovski crystals, glass beads Jewelry $97
Bracelet - peach/black beads on cheetah stone ornate Jewelry SOLD
Bracelet - purple/copper textured stone on faux metallic Jewelry $75
Bracelet - red pearls on black with diamond stone metal Jewelry $50
Bracelet - silver/black with beaded zebra jewels Jewelry $195
Bracelet - Six Swarovski Rivolis, glass peanut beads (light pink/maroon) Jewelry $85
Bracelet - Swarovski crystals, antique gold, acrylic German Cabachon, glass pearls, bronze base Jewelry $45
Bracelet - Swarovski crystals, antique silver base Jewelry $47
Bracelet - Swarovski crystals, glass seed beads Jewelry $45
Bracelet (Item 2179) Jewelry $45
Bracelet (Item 2180) Jewelry $45
Bracelet/earrings - square glass button, Swarovski crystals, tiger acrylic stone, glass bead pearls Jewelry $225
Earrings - Agate beads, Swarovski crystals, triangle 2-hole bead, found copper Jewelry $70
Earrings - antique button, glass pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech bead (red/orange) Jewelry $60
Earrings - beaded (small) Jewelry $20
Earrings - black glass beads, silver spacer beads Jewelry $26
Earrings - Christmas tree, clear bead Jewelry $20
Earrings - Christmas tree, gold bead Jewelry $20
Earrings - copper shield w/ blue dangle beads Jewelry $35
Earrings - glass pearls, antique glass German stone, pearls, Swarovski crystals, pink/turquoise Jewelry $70
Earrings - glass pearls, fancy stones, Swarovski crystals Jewelry $25
Earrings - gold curved beads with purple Swarovski crystals Jewelry $25
Earrings - multi blue glass beads, silver spacer beads Jewelry $25
Earrings - silver beads, marthozite, Swarovski crystals, silver crosses, glass fringe beads Jewelry SOLD
Earrings - silver Conchos, triangle glass beads, turquoise, silver Jewelry $60
Earrings - silver curved beads with black crystals Jewelry $25
Earrings - Swarovski crystals, glass daggers, blue denim stone Jewelry $45
Earrings (Item 2160) Jewelry $20
Earrings (Item 2161) Jewelry $20
Earrings (Item 2162) Jewelry $20
Earrings (Item 2163) Jewelry $20
Earrings (Item 2164) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2165) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2166) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2167) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2168) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2169) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2170) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2171) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2172) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2173) Jewelry $26
Earrings (Item 2174) Jewelry $35
Earrings (Item 2175) Jewelry $35
Earrings (Item 2176) Jewelry $35
Earrings (Item 2177) Jewelry $35
Earrings (Item 2178) Jewelry $35
Headband - Swarovski crystals, antique silver base SOLD
Necklace set - Czech tile beads, Czech glass daggers Jewelry SOLD
Necklace set - glass beads Jewelry $45
Necklace set - glass beads, Czech and Japanese beads Jewelry $45
Necklace set - glass hex beads, turquoise glass beads, Czech daggers Jewelry $85
Necklace set - red Swarovski beads, gold Swarovski pearls Jewelry $85
Necklace/earrings set - "The Sisters" - German cabochons, glass beads Jewelry $165
Necklace/earrings set - all beaded beads, Swarovski crystals (pink/dark purple) Jewelry $125
Necklace/earrings set - all Swarovski crystals and pearls Jewelry $95
Necklace/earrings set - angelic German Cabachon, Swarovski crystals, pearls, glass beads Jewelry $95
Necklace/earrings set - black/white swirly stone Jewelry $65
Necklace/earrings set - blue, pearl, lavender beads Jewelry $97
Necklace/earrings set - Christmas wreath and tree Jewelry $32
Necklace/earrings set - glass Swarovski crystals with leaf fringe, metal beads (forest green/maroon) Jewelry $110
Necklace/earrings set - Japanese Cabachons, acrylic stone, all glass beads Jewelry $165
Necklace/earrings set - jeweled gecko with Swarovski crystal squares and pearls Jewelry SOLD
Necklace/earrings set - Swarovski crystals, glass beads, glass daggers Jewelry $60
Necklace/earrings/bracelet set - all Swarovski crystals (green/pink) Jewelry $165