Gabrielle Taylor

Gabrielle has always been interested in design in all its forms, and through her life that has manifested itself in many ways. Even her careers, in mathematics and computer design/programming, she found to be very creative professions. At home, she indulged her love of fiber arts through spinning, weaving, knitting and sewing, and did ceramics as well for a few years, but it was only at retirement that she met and fell in love with jewelry arts. For many years she had explored the world of jewelry design as she and her husband Chris travelled, so the idea of creating such things was a very compelling one. First she learned all she could about gemstones, but then the search for more artistic findings and focal pieces led her to doing the silver work herself.

The discovery of Precious Metal Clay, invented over 30 years ago by Mitsubishi, was a perfect fit for her, coming from a ceramics background. This material is powdered silver with a clay-like binder added. The artist can form the shapes, as one would in producing a clay piece (though on a much smaller and more detailed scale) and then fire the piece in a kiln to burn off the binder. This leaves .999 Fine Silver, which is then finished and polished as any silversmith would do. Gemstones are added in finishing, in the more traditional manner, but some can tolerate the firing heat and be embedded in the clay form during the initial creation. Many well known metal smiths use Metal Clay to enhance their ability to produce texture in a piece, or to make special parts that might otherwise need to be cast.

Since starting her jewelry design life she has won several awards, and sold pieces through jewelry stores and galleries, in the U.S., Europe and her native Australia. Her studio is a lovely light-filled space looking out on the garden, and she shares it with Chris, who paints wonderful water colors. Each piece she makes is totally one of a kind, with a lot of attention to finish and wearability. Her designs range from intricate and romantic through modern and elegant, and her aim every time is to make something that becomes the "go to" piece for many occasions!

48 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
2-part dichro and purple CZ pendant (GT1377) Jewelry $250
3 dichros in ribbon silver pendant (GT1512) Jewelry $140
3 sunstones pendant (GT1281) Jewelry $200
3-leaf pendant (GT1300) Jewelry SOLD
3-rectangle bracelet with charoite & amethyst (GT0783) Jewelry $220
950 ring with bumps, size 4.75 (GT950/2) Jewelry $50
950 ring with shot and CZs (GT950/3) Jewelry $70
950 ring, plain, size 5.5 (GT950/4) Jewelry $50
999 silver black sapphire ring (GT1092) Jewelry $180
Bail earrings with apatite (GT1448) Jewelry $65
Black and silver druzy pendant (GT1552) Jewelry $370
Black druzy earrings (GT1548) Jewelry SOLD
Blue druzy with pearl pendant (GT1487) Jewelry $250
Center folded piece over branches pattern pendant (GT1511) Jewelry $200
Chalcedony and sunstone pendant (GT1517) Jewelry $670
Citrine ring (GT1194) Jewelry $200
Concave/convex earrings with gold wrap (GT1539) Jewelry $100
Dark butterfly earrings (GT1403) Jewelry $80
Deco button earrings (GT1546) Jewelry $100
Fan earrings with citrines (GT1160) Jewelry $120
Flowers on squiggle stem with gold beads pendant (GT1469) Jewelry $230
Fold with lemon CZ pendant (GT1510) Jewelry $200
Folded silver with pearl and CZ pendant (GT1513) Jewelry $350
Folds and champagne CZ pendant (GT1531) Jewelry $220
Heart earrings with brown CZs (GT1545) Jewelry $110
Large orange CZ on flower print pendant (GT1500) Jewelry $160
Large triangular chalcedony with golden CZ pendant (GT1492) Jewelry $350
Leaves and gold wires earrings (GT1415) Jewelry $90
Long shapes with swirls earrings (GT1549) Jewelry $110
Long shield earrings with waves (GT1384) Jewelry $100
Long turquoise polyclay with CZ earrings (GT1540) Jewelry $130
Multi-cholored dichro ring (GT1554) Jewelry $150
Organic ring with 3 shot (GT1483) Jewelry $50
Peruvian blue opal plus hematite pendant (GT1505) Jewelry $300
Pietersite and aquamarine pendant (GT1524) Jewelry $300
Pink dichro and loops pendant (GT1389) Jewelry $220
Rainbow topaz ring (GT1553) Jewelry $110
Ring with amethyst CZs (GT1436) Jewelry $70
Ring with lab sapphire (GT1153) Jewelry $150
Rolled 2-piece heart pendant (GT1550) Jewelry $150
Rolled heart earrings (GT1547) Jewelry $80
Rolled heart with gold wrap pendant (GT1551) Jewelry $150
Round earrings with champagne CZs (GT1537) Jewelry SOLD
Rutilated quartz with copper pendant (GT1486) Jewelry SOLD
Sapphire drop earrings (GT1467) Jewelry $150
Snake plus 3 sapphires pendant (GT1532) Jewelry $250
Square earrings with gold slashes (GT1450) Jewelry $100
Square hammered earrings (GT1438) Jewelry $85
Steampunk heart with turquoise cab necklace (GT0705N) Jewelry $120
Steampunk squares with amethyst earringsn (GT1395) Jewelry $100
Sun circles earrings (GT1405) Jewelry $95
Sunstone pendant (GT1223) Jewelry $200