Fred Hartson

Fred Hartson is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and has spent a 45 plus year career as an art director, graphic designer and instructor. Over the years he has explored a variety of media: painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. He has found the greatest fulfillment in digitally altering his photographs, a process he has been working with for the last fifteen years.

7 Pieces

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
Barrels on Slate Range Digital photography 25 x 44 $650
Chicago from 71 Wacker Digital photography 20 x 16 $250
From Dinosaur Ridge Digital photography 16 x 20 $250
Quarter to 5 Digital photography 14 x 20 $200
Scotty's Vase Digital photography 22 x 17 $275
Stormy Afternoon on Slate Range Digital photography 31 x 27 $625
Zion Digital photography 27 x 37 $675